Nowhere else does so much expertise and concentrated knowledge about horses come together. Benefit from the know-how of the best and get valuable tips for hobby and profession.

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Benefit from the know-how of the best and get valuable tips for hobby and profession!

Only at EQUITANA will you find concentrated expert knowledge on every key topic. Specialist lectures, demonstrations and exclusive riding lessons from the stars of the equestrian scene await you!




Thursday, 9 March: Bernd Hackl presented by BIO WALDBODEN, FN presents Para-Dressage Lesson, AMERICANA Ranch Riding with Sascha&Lasse Ludwig.

Friday, 10 March: Live Training with Ute Holm-Schäuble, FN presents Christoph Hess, STÜBBEN presents Andrea Kutsch, Working Equitation with Signum Sattelservice, Live Training Horsemanship

Saturday, 11 March: FN presents Creative Riding Lessons for Children

Sunday, 12 March: Dressage Special: The Variety of Training Methods, Dressage Riding with Nicole Uphoff-Selke, HarmoniLogy with Anne Krüger-Degener

Monday, 13 March: Benjamin Werndl presented by AUBENHAUSEN CLUB and SPRENGER, FN presents Julia Krajewski, Michael Fischer presented by REITER REVUE

Tuesday, 14 March: Ingrid Klimke presented by NOVAFON, FN presents Jumping Gymnastics with Marcus Döring, Live Training Driving with Claus Luber

Wednesday, 15th March: Isabell Werth presented by FENDT, Live Training Gaited Horses with Lisa Schürger


*Subject to change, the programme will be updated continuously.

All Live Trainings, as well as the entire daily programme in the big ring, are included in the ticket price!

Trainers 2023

Benjamin Werndl presented by Aubenhausen Club

Benjamin Werndl is one of the most successful dressage riders in Germany and a member of the German Olympic squad. Just like his sister Jessica, he is highly successful in the dressage saddle and was able to place 5th at the German Championships 2018. Together, the Werndl siblings run the Aubenhausen training centre - "Home of the Dressage Horse". 

Having already been guests in 2019 with his training evening "Von Bredow-Werndl live", we are delighted to welcome him again this year. On Monday, 13.03.2023 he will give an insight into his training methodology and philosophy.


Ingrid Klimke presented by NOVAFON

The Olympic eventing champion and riding master Ingrid Klimke stands for horse-friendly training according to classical principles. Ingrid Klimke carefully allows her horses to grow into different requirements. She wants them to gain experience without being overtaxed and to get a varied training in order to stay motivated. She told us in an interview how she puts this into practice in everyday life. Ingrid Klimke will give direct insights into her daily work with the horses on Tuesday, 14 March 2023 during a lesson at Equitana.


Bernd Hackl presented by BIO WALDBODEN    

Bernd Hackl is one of the few horseman in Germany who are fully committed to horsemanship on the ground and in the saddle. The Southern German honed his skills in dealing with young or so-called problem horses during several stays in the USA with Roy Sharpe, Steve Holloway and Bill Horn. Influenced by horsemen like Buck Brannaman or Ray Hunt, Hackl soon found his own way. He became known, among other things, through the VOX television programme "Die Pferdeprofis" (The Horse Professionals), in which he seeks solutions for problem horses and their owners. He will give an insight into his training on Thursday, 9 March 2023 during a lesson at Equitana.


Isabell Werth presented by FENDT

She is the queen of the dressage arena. There she is not only the most successful rider in the world, but of all time. There are a few superlatives about Isabell Werth, but the facts also speak for themselves: The rider from Rheinberg won gold seven times at the Olympic Games - most recently she stood at the top of the podium with the team in Tokyo and also won silver in the individual classification with Bella Rose. She returned from the Olympic Games with a silver medal a total of five times. She was World Champion nine times and won the title 21 times at European Championships. 

On Wednesday, 15 March, she will give a lesson with many helpful tips for training with your own horse. 


Dressage riding with Nicole Uphoff-Selke

"Understanding my horse-every horse is different". 

The four-time Olympic champion, whose great international successes with "Rembrandt" are unforgotten, has made the promotion of young people and the discovery of young talents, among other things, a matter close to her heart.

At EQUITANA 2023, Nicole Uphoff-Selke will present us with the individual training of various horse-rider pairs on Sunday, 12 March.


Harmonilogie with Anne Krüger-Degener

Anne Krüger-Degener's relationship with her animals is magical. She needs neither halter nor rope when she is out and about with her horses. They jog alongside as a matter of course when the well-known animal trainer rides her bike, walk up the loading ramp or do the compliment for her. But it's not only the horses that the boss of the Degenerhof gets going seemingly effortlessly; the dogs also dance to her tune with enthusiasm. In fascinating teamwork, they bring sheep and goats on the right track and even keep Indian running ducks easily on course. Anne Krüger-Degener will show how she enters into dialogue with her animals and makes herself the comfort zone of her farm inhabitants in the Großer Ring on Sunday, 12 March.


Live Training with Ute Holm-Schäuble

Western riding is her life and her passion: Ute Holm is not only highly successful in the saddle, as a trainer she is in demand worldwide and often booked out. Regardless of the level of leadership, she wants to advance horse and rider.  As a holder of the golden riding badge of the EMU and author of books, she is one of the most successful professional western trainers for All Around horses and riders. Her key to success is her very easy to understand way of training riders and horses. 

On Friday, 10.03.2023 she will demonstrate her individual methodology in the show hall.

Dressage Special: The diversity of training methods

Not all dressage is the same. Within the discipline, numerous currents and training methods have established themselves, each with their own focus. The variety of concepts, their similarities and differences will be made visible in a very special programme item on Sunday, 12 March. Four prominent instructors will present their principles and demonstrate with examples how they can be put into practice. 


Live Training Driving with Claus Luber

Claus Luber grew up with horses and came into contact with driving at an early age. In 1997, he bought his first Haflinger stallion, "Don Camillo", and has since fallen completely in love with the beautiful blond foxes from Tyrol. Today, 15 Haflinger stallions live on his farm near Greding in Bavaria. Claus Luber presents his elegant, good-natured and strong character stallions in many varied shows at large equestrian events and horse fairs. In this exclusive lesson on Tuesday, he gives an insight into his training methods.

Live Training Gaited horses with Lisa Schürger

The Icelandic horses have been among the crowd favourites at Equitana from the very beginning. In fast-paced quadrilles, with flag parades, colourful displays and unforgettable performances in the Hop Top Show, the dedicated five-horse riders have been thrilling the public for many years. Lisa Schürger is a multiple European champion in Icelandic horse riding - on Wednesday she will give insights into her training methods.

AMERICANA Ranch Riding with Sascha & Lasse Ludwig

The AMERICANA presents Ranch Riding!

Sascha & his son Lasse Ludwig together with Kay Wienrich give an insight into this exciting discipline.

FN presents Julia Krajewski

Concentrate on the road ahead and not on the big goal at the end - that is Julia Krajewski's motto in life. With this, the 34-year-old galloped to her greatest success in 2021 after numerous setbacks: Individual gold at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. With the Selle Francais mare Amande de B'Neville, she was the first woman ever to make the leap to the top of eventing. "The feeling of becoming one with the horse. If I ever had it, it was on that day," she says looking back. At Equitana, the Olympic gold medallist shows how this relationship of trust can develop and grow. In a lesson presented by the FN, she will pass on her experience on Monday, 13 March. 



FN presents Christoph Hess

Training is Christoph Hess' life's theme. It is not without reason that he is an FN ambassador for this area. The horse and its well-being are always at the centre of his attention - his concern is to bring the living creature horse closer to the students. It is not about teaching technique. The main goal is to awaken the understanding for the individual horse and the feeling to listen to the animal. Interested spectators will learn how he conveys this in his lesson on Friday, 10 March.



FN presents Para-Dressage-Live Training

In recent years, the enthusiasm and public interest in para equestrian sport has increased greatly. On Thursday, 9 March, an insight into the special features of para-dressage sport will be given.

FN presents Creative Riding Lessons for children

FN presents Fascination Driving

Young up-and-coming riders are used to inspire enthusiasm for the sport of driving and to show how demanding and versatile the work with the horse on the lines is. On 12 March, we invite the four-wheeled teams to our large ring.

FN presents jumping gymnastics with Marcus Döring

The co-national trainer of the show jumpers gives tips and ideas on how to improve oneself and one's horse for use in the course. Interested spectators can find out how he teaches this in his lesson on Tuesday, 14 March.

Stübben presents Andrea Kutsch

As the founder of the world's leading educational institution in science-based horse communication and science-based horse training, Andrea Kutsch offers horse lovers, riders, trainers and also professional horse trainers the opportunity to understand their horses better by providing extensive and unique knowledge and communicating it sensitively.

Presented by Stübben, she will give an insight into her self-developed and scientifically based training methods on Friday, 10 March.



Reiter Revue presents Michael Fischer

He is a trainer, social pedagogue and author of the successful book "Reiten leicht und logisch - so wirst du der bessere Reiter für den Pferd". In the meantime, Michael Fischer has explained to several hundred riders in the Reiter Revue online workshops in a friendly and entertaining way what good riding is actually based on and why so many terms from riding theory are misinterpreted.

With his knowledge in tow, he is now coming to Equitana. On Monday, 13 March, he will give an insight into his philosophy in an ultimate jumping lesson in the Great Ring. Of course, Reiter Revue International will also be there. 

Working Equitation with Signum Sattelservice

As Working Equitation is based on well and correctly trained horses that have to be loose, agile, courageous and react finely, Germany, although not a country of 'cattle herders', is the ideal country to promote such a beautiful sport because of its riding discipline and joy of riding. Every breed of horse, every age group of rider and horse, every serious, enthusiastic rider will find joy in this versatile form of competition!

The Signum Sattelservice team will be giving an introductory lesson in working equitation for all interested spectators on Friday 8 March before the Working Equitation Cup.


Safe Riding with Yvonne Gutsche

She is at home in the western saddle. Her goal is that the partner underneath also feels comfortable at all times. She wants the horses to trust her at all times. She demonstrates how far the connection between man and animal goes with spectacular stunts. The basis is individual training tailored to the respective horse. She demonstrates her way to stress-free cooperation in the EQUITANA daily programme.

Positive Leadership with Dr. Vivian Gabor

Dr. Vivian Gabor holds a doctorate in equine science and conducts research in the field of horse behaviour at the University of Göttingen. In practice, she runs a training centre for horses and humans and offers cross-riding courses in work from the ground and from the saddle throughout Germany. With her behavioural training for humans and horses, she combines science and practice. Vivian Gabor has been a loyal companion at EQUITANA for years and always inspires the audience. 

Understanding horses with Katja Schnabel

The TV format Die Pferdeporfis has made her known nationwide. The studied equine scientist and trained osteopath has set herself the task of holistic training for humans and animals. Her goal is a harmonious coexistence in which both partners learn to understand each other through subtle signals. Knowledge and respect, trust, communication and leadership are the foundations on which Katja Schnabel's concept is built. 

In Essen, the Brandenburger shows practical exercises for fine communication. 


Loading & Young Horse Training with Luuk Teunissen

The horse stands in front of the open trailer and steadfastly refuses to even set foot on the ramp. Many horse owners know this problem. Horsemanship trainer Luuk Teunissen shows ways to solve it during Equitana.

Step by step, he explains his loading concept and gives tips on how owners react correctly in different situations. 


Stars and Trainers of EQUITANA 2023

Live training sessions and demonstrations will also take place daily in the other riding rings!

Here you can find an overview of the stars & trainers at EQUITANA 2023:

Ingrid Klimke

Olympiasiegerin Vielseitigkeit

Frédéric Pignon

Freiheitsdressur Künstler

Uta Gräf

Dressurreiterin Grand Prix

Kenzie Dysli

Pferdetrainerin und Showreiterin

Benjamin Werndl

Mitglied des deutschen Olympiakaders

Training evenings

Would you like to look behind the scenes of the most famous trainers and get exclusive tips & tricks? Then secure a ticket for our training evenings! Only here do the top stars of the scene share their knowledge with the audience in a 2-hour show.

With us: Uta Gräf, Andi Kreuzer, Frédéric Pignon, Linda Tellington Jones, Kenzie Dysli, Julia Steinbrecher, Tanja Riedinger and Emilia Schlotterbeck.

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