09. - 15. March 2023
Exhibition Centre Essen

Magical moments of fantasy, music and the art of riding

With fascinating scenes, spectacular stunts and unforgettable moments, the HOP TOP SHOW also uniquely stages the special relationship between humans and horses. 

International stars enchant the 2023 audience with unique choreographies and magical moments. Mosaïque immerses the audience in the world of fantasy that makes the seemingly impossible possible.

The best horse show in the world for 30 years


Only every two years and exclusively on three evenings during EQUITANA - World Equestrian Fair, you can experience this unique horse show.

Pure Fantasy

Dive into a colourful world composed of innovative show numbers and fascinating light effects, accompanied by electrifying sounds.

World Class

International artists, the best in the show business and actors from top sport stage emotional milestones with new show numbers in the HOP TOP SHOW. 


The about 60m wide LED wall and various spotlights under the ceiling transform the exhibition hall into an impressive stage and provide spectacular lighting effects.

What the media say about HOP TOP SHOW

HOP TOP - this name has stood for spectacular performances and unforgettable moments for years.


The HOP TOP Show is one of the best horse shows in the world.


The HOP TOP Show has been one of the highlights of EQUITANA for years and is a must for all horse lovers.


The Hop Top Show is considered to be the most extraordinary and most impressive horse show in the world.


EQUITANA is also always called HOP TOP Show. Even Olympic champions go weak at the knees!


The Hop Top Show at Equitana was so beautiful it made you cry.

Reiter & Pferde in Westfalen

The stars of "Rhapsody"

The best artists of the international show business and actors from top-class sport staged emotional milestones in the HOP TOP SHOW with new show numbers and inspired their audiences with them.

Top stars and newcomers of the show scene thrilled the viewers in our last show "Rhapsody"!


A welcome guest from France is always Lorenzo, who has been a star of the horse show scene for years. More than 20 years ago, in the south of France, it all started with some vaulting exercises on a Camargue horse - today Lorenzo is one of the most successful and famous horse artists in the world. Whether World Cup tournaments, international equestrian games or horse shows - Lorenzo is on the road around the globe with his "International Horse Show". Newer, more difficult, with more horses - time and again Lorenzo amazes the audience with spectacular shows that leave them holding their breath. Standing freely on two horses, without bridle or halter, he directs them all as if on invisible strings.


The Spaniard Santi Serra Camps is one of the shooting stars in the horse show business. With his special feeling for horses, his incomparable choreographies and liberty dressage thrill spectators all over the world. He first appeared internationally in 2013 in the Show Cup at EQUITANA with one of his fascinating liberty dressage acts. In 2015, he thrilled us for the first time in the HOP TOP Show with his Arabians and Border Collies. With his unique interplay of man and animal full of lightness and joie de vivre, he will also enchant the audience in Mannheim 2021. We are looking forward to having him with us again this year!


Driving sport in a class of its own - nimble hooves and hot wheels get the arena going! The multiple German champion Ludwig Weinmayr and his wife Regina showed us how agile and responsive good driving horses are - and how strong nerves they have when they make the "hot wheels" glow! Also present: The National Stud Kladruby nad Labem with its Old Kladrubers, which have been recognised as a cultural monument since 1995.


When it comes to playing with the elements, the Excalibur Horse Shows team is a true pioneer! Whether playing with fire or this time with the graceful aesthetics of water: Dajana and Nicki Pfeifer always present new ideas and exciting, creative shows, which have already thrilled us several times in the HOP TOP Show and at many other international events and shows. Dajana in her role as the Amazon of Water from the currently running CAVALLUNA show "Legend of the Desert" enchants with a dreamlike dressage number, ridden freehand on a huge cloth made of balloon silk, whose waves make both her and her talented gelding Lenny disappear...


Speed and risk are the passion of stunt rider Laury Tisseur. Known as the show star of various horse shows, the Frenchman combines elegance and charm with speed and athleticism on the back of his stallions. This multi-talented rider with a special connection to his horses combines the speed of the Hungarian Post with the nobility of classical dressage and the harmony of free work with 6 stallions.


EQUITANA has always included the Icelandic horses with their very special charm, their naturalness and their unparalleled joy of movement. Be there and experience a true multi gait firework in slow and fast tölt, the fourth gait of the Icelanders... and of course in the fifth gait, the flying race pass! The team around the Icelandic horses from the Lixhof creates new spectacular costumes and choreographies again and again in elaborate handicraft and with a lot of love and eye for detail. Experience the "horses of fire and ice" again this year in the HOP TOP show "Rhapsody".!


The noble-minded multi-talents of Portugal convince with their elegance and athleticism in classical dressage, "Hohe Schule" and working equitation. As show horses, they conquer the hearts of their audiences worldwide. The Associacao Portuguesa de Criadores do Cavalo Puro Sangue Lusitano - the Portuguese association of breeders of purebred Lusitano horses - has brought its most beautiful specimens and best riders and will provide magical moments with its quadrille.


Not to forget the little show stars this year! Marie Desodt's spotted Shetland ponies cause wide eyes not only among the younger guests of the audience. With her unique mixture of art, comedy and absolute harmony between human and horse, the newcomer from France and her little stars amaze the audience. The secret of their work - trust, love, understanding and a strong togetherness.


Tommy, Viktor and Jannik - these are the Brüsewitz brothers who have been conquering the national and international vaulting scene more and more in recent years. Thomas and Viktor Brüsewitz are currently members of the A-squad vaulting, Jannik Heiland of the B-squad. All three can look back on numerous titles in German Championships, European Championships and also top ten placings at the World Championships. Together they are an unbeatable dynamic team, which will thrill us in the HOP TOP show "Rhapsody" with fast, precise and acrobatic performances on and above the horse's back.  


We have already had the pleasure of welcoming the internationally successful French Grand Prix rider Alizée Froment to the HOP TOP Show several times, where she invited us to a light and airy dance of man and horse in the arena. In 2022 she will enchant us again with her fine, sensitive riding style and her trusting relationship with her horses. It almost seems as if she can direct and guide her horse with only one thought, and yet she succeeds in precise lessons at the highest level. 


His liberty dressage fascinates people all over the world. He leads his horses with playful ease. They follow him, gather around him and group together under his direction to form ever new figures and formations. Jean-Francois Pignon is the calming influence in their midst. The master of gentle communication achieves a great effect through small gestures.  For decades he has studied horses in detail and developed his own training method. His training concept is based on the targeted use of breaks, the systematic use of pressure and the consistent renunciation of any form of punishment. In order to build a relationship with a horse, four rules of behaviour are crucial for him: calmness, consistency, love and fairness. 


EQUITANA would be unthinkable without Working Equitation. The team around the Goldene Pintos stud and Signum Sattelservice is going all out this year and will be bringing what is probably the most equestrian image of the last decades into the arena. Known from fast speed trails and head-to-head races, this time the riders and horses will demonstrate real teamwork in a row. No one steps out of line here! 

"La Ora", the HOP TOP SHOW 2019

Take a look back at the stars of the last HOP TOP SHOW "LaOra" 2019 and look forward to our new show "Mosaïque"!

Concept and Organisation

For more than 30 years, the EQUITANA team has been composing a total work of art out of breathtaking shows by various international top stars of the equestrian scene. The HOP TOP SHOW - an impressive world-class show that is only staged every two years and exclusively on five evenings as part of EQUITANA - World Equestrian Show.

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