06. - 12. March 2025
Exhibition Centre Essen

Magical moments of fantasy, music and the art of riding

With fascinating scenes, spectacular stunts and unforgettable moments, the HOP TOP SHOW also uniquely stages the special relationship between humans and horses. 

International stars enchant the 2023 audience with unique choreographies and magical moments. Mosaïque immerses the audience in the world of fantasy that makes the seemingly impossible possible.

The best horse show in the world for 30 years


Only every two years and exclusively on three evenings during EQUITANA - World Equestrian Fair, you can experience this unique horse show.

Pure Fantasy

Dive into a colourful world composed of innovative show numbers and fascinating light effects, accompanied by electrifying sounds.

World Class

International artists, the best in the show business and actors from top sport stage emotional milestones with new show numbers in the HOP TOP SHOW. 


The about 60m wide LED wall and various spotlights under the ceiling transform the exhibition hall into an impressive stage and provide spectacular lighting effects.

HOP TOP SHOW 2023: "Mosaïque"

What the media say about HOP TOP SHOW

HOP TOP - this name has stood for spectacular performances and unforgettable moments for years.


The HOP TOP Show is one of the best horse shows in the world.


The HOP TOP Show has been one of the highlights of EQUITANA for years and is a must for all horse lovers.


The Hop Top Show is considered to be the most extraordinary and most impressive horse show in the world.


EQUITANA is also always called HOP TOP Show. Even Olympic champions go weak at the knees!


The Hop Top Show at Equitana was so beautiful it made you cry.

Reiter & Pferde in Westfalen

The Stars of "Mosaïque"

The best artists of the international show business and actors from top-class sport stage emotional milestones in the HOP TOP SHOW with new show numbers and inspire their audience with them!


They are united by their love of the Camargue horse and the traditional Camargue riding style and culture - Mélanie Bayle & La Confrérie des Gardians is an association of horse-loving people who develop beautiful choreographies with their Camargue horses. A quadrille led by skilful riders in traditional dress and the beautiful traditional dresses of the Camargue riders take us to the vast plains of the Camargue.


Claus Luber grew up with horses and came into contact with driving at an early age. In 1997, he bought his first Haflinger stallion, "Don Camillo", and has since fallen completely in love with the beautiful blond foxes from Tyrol. Today, 15 Haflinger stallions live on his farm near Greding in Bavaria. Claus Luber presents his elegant, good-natured and strong character stallions in many varied shows at large equestrian events and horse fairs. In the HOP TOP Show "Mosaïque" we are looking forward to an imaginative quadrille with his Haflinger stallions.


Led by Ghislain Cayla, the Compagnie Impulsion team is a guarantee of action & adrenaline. For more than fifteen years, the stunt riders from France have been sharing their passion for horse shows and trick riding with their audience. This year, they bring their uniquely staged act to the German stage for Mosaïque: with their Hungarian post in a tandem of eight horses, they make the hall shake.


Playful, loving and harmonious - these are the words that best describe the relationship between Frédéric Pignon and his horses. Since his childhood in France, Frédéric Pignon has been at home on and with horses and has developed his very own kind of trust and harmony with them. For many years now he has been enchanting his audiences on stages all over the world with dressage up to the high school, even without saddle and headpiece, artistry and impressive liberty dressage. We are delighted to welcome Frédéric Pignon and his wonderful horses back to Germany.


Partnership, willingness to work, harmony and playful lightness characterise Guillaume Mauvais' performances when he makes the earth shake with his powerful Comtois cold-blooded horses. The love for the Comtois horses and the enthusiasm for horsemanship led to the founding of the troupe "Les Comtois en Folie" in 2001. They are at home in Maîche in France, close to the Swiss border. In addition to liberty dressage, their programme also includes clowning with horses and various other show acts.


Beautiful and graceful, the horses gallop freely through the hall while the riders do gymnastics on their backs. Trick riders Jérôme Sefer & Kevin Ferreira demonstrate the blind trust between horse & rider in their poetic composition of a free voltige. The stars from France are guests at the Hop Top Show for the first time and show the variety of trick riding in harmony with the horse in their premiere.

©Md Art Photographie


Flying changes backwards and standing on the horse's back or piaffe with a view of the croup - this artist loves the unusual. His performances are exactly the same. His magic is the seemingly impossible, the unprecedented. He experiments with movements, sounds, compositions and creates captivating moments that teach you to be amazed.


Her adopted home is Andalusia. It was there that she discovered her passion for the traditional Spanish way of riding - the Doma Vaquera. The Swiss-born rider has long been successful in the sporting variety as well. With her black stallion Fideo, she fuses working equitation and liberty dressage and proves that, despite high speed, any obstacle can be overcome with precision and partnership. A fast-paced spectacle with calculated risk.


The young rider and trainer Lisa Röckener has been a guest at EQUITANA for many years. As a former winner of the Show Cup, the 27-year-old has embarked on a stellar career and is now known throughout Germany as an influencer and horse trainer. With her motto "consistent, but friendly", she stands for fair and horse-friendly training - she demonstrates the results in free riding with her horse Valou in a perfect unit. For the first time Lisa Röckener enchanted the audience in 2019 in the Hop Top Show La Ora - we are very happy to have her back this year with her new show!


The couple is internationally successful with their mixture of artistry and horsemanship. They fascinated in Cirque du Soleil as well as at circus festivals in Monte Carlo, Paris or Moscow. In Essen they present a lively picture in which they combine their passion for body art at airy heights and on horseback.


What the big sister can do, the little brother can easily manage. Matthes Röckener has been inspired by Lisa for free work. With two and more horsepower, he sets the pace and proves that he can direct his horses from the coach box without a harness and lead. His ideas are innovative, his style sometimes a bit wild, but always rousing.


They are united by their love of the "black pearls" - the Friesian Show Team Austria currently has around 30 members. Whether in side saddle, in baroque costume, in front of a carriage or in circus lessons: the troupe celebrates the beauty and versatility of the Friesian horse in versatile shows throughout Austria and neighbouring countries at festivals, fairs and other events. We experience them at the HOP TOP show "Mosaïque" with an imaginative quadrille.

"Rhapsody", HOP TOP SHOW 2022

Concept and Organisation

For more than 30 years, the EQUITANA team has been composing a total work of art out of breathtaking shows by various international top stars of the equestrian scene. The HOP TOP SHOW - an impressive world-class show that is only staged every two years and exclusively on five evenings as part of EQUITANA - World Equestrian Show.

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