The Stars of EQUITANA Open Air

These are the Stars & Trainers of EQUITANA Open Air 2023. 

12.-14. August 2022
Maimarktgelände Mannheim

Uta Gräf

Fine riding, species-appropriate horse husbandry and versatile basic training - with these topics, the successful Grand Prix rider Uta Gräf has also made a name for herself away from the dressage arena. Together with her partner Stefan Schneider, she runs Gut Rothenkircherhof in Kirchheimbolanden, Hesse, where horses of all performance levels are trained in dressage and working equitation. Uta Gräf became internationally successful and well-known with the black Holsteiner stallion Le Noir, who opened the way for her to Grand Prix sport and with whom she was also on the longlist for the Olympic Games in London in 2012.

Dr. Vivian Gabor

Dr. Vivian Gabor holds a doctorate in equine science and conducts research in the field of horse behaviour at the University of Göttingen. In practice, she runs a training centre for horses and humans and offers nationwide cross-riding courses in working from the ground and from the saddle. The focus is on optimising horse-rider communication. In her training centre, Vivian Gabor also offers gentle, age-appropriate training for young horses as well as corrective riding. The owners are gradually integrated into the training process so that they and their horse form a successful team.

Yvonne Gutsche

Yvonne Gutsche-Doebelin has horse blood in her veins. She started her western training with Else Schmidt in Sinsheim when she was in nappies, switched to Frank Unrath and was already trained by reining legend Bernie Hoelzel during her school days. After graduating from school, she completed her "young horse" and "stable management" training with Wendy Hoelzel in Canada. With the top reiner François Gauthier, who already won the World Equestrian Games in Aachen, she was able to work and train for several years and learn everything about breeding and rearing. At Double Divide Ranch, Yvonne currently has around 15 horses, which she also trains. She is supported by a small but fine team.

Kenzie Dysli

Show rider and freedom specialist Kenzie Dysli also shows the highest collection and lessons of the high school with her horses. At the Equitana Open Air in Mannheim, the Swiss-born rider proved how finely she is able to dose every aid, even in rapid manoeuvres, when she completed a working equitation speed trail only on the neck ring.

Ute Holm-Schäuble

Ute Holm-Schäuble is the expert for cattle work on horseback, she conveys professional training across riding styles with a lot of fun for riders and horses. Her instructive demonstrations are interesting and Ute Holm-Schäuble is TEAM World Champion in Cutting, multiple German and European Champion in various Western riding disciplines, trainer and judge for Reined Cowhorses NRCHA. As holder of the golden riding badge of the EMU and author of books, she is one of the most successful professional western trainers for All Around horses and riders. Her key to success is her very easy to understand way of training riders and horses. 

Anja Beran

For Anja Beran, classical horsemanship has one goal: to bring the horse into balance so that it can be ridden with light aids. From the rider, this path requires patience, discipline and gentle handling of the partner under the saddle. For Manuel Jorge de Oliveira's student, the knowledge of the old masters is a great fund from which she can draw. 

In an exclusive training evening on Friday, 12 August, at 7.30 pm, Anja Beran will demonstrate her training concept according to the rules of classical horsemanship at the Maimarkt grounds in Mannheim. Tickets are available from 15 euros in the ticket shop

Gernot Weber & Stefan Baumgartner

Signum Sattelservice is the team around Gernot Weber, Team World Champion in Working Equitation, and Stefan Baumgartner, affectionately referred to as the original founder of Working Equitation in Germany. Stefan Baumgartner is the founder and initiator of the Working Equitation movement in Germany, a saddle designer and constructor by profession and has been a passionate rider for more than 40 years. Besides their career as riders and instructors of Working Equitation, they run the company Signum Sattelservice - custom-made saddles and unique equipment for horse & rider.

Julia Zenners Cart Horses

As cart horses, they are used on rough terrain and pull heavy logs up to wider paths, where the wood can then be loaded and transported away by heavy machinery. The horses protect the sensitive forest floor and make an important contribution to environmental and climate protection. At the Maimarkt site, they flex their muscles and look over their massive shoulders as they go about their day's work.

Mounted Games

Originally introduced to keep soldiers fit in peacetime, the games have long since developed into a fascinating sport in which tournaments up to world championships are held. During the Equitana Open Air, the Mounted Games Association Germany will not only provide exciting insights into the competition, the experts will also explain in small teaching units how to get started, what prerequisites horse and rider should have and how they can develop together into a successful team.

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