Nowhere else does so much expertise and concentrated knowledge about horses come together as here. Benefit from the know-how of the best and get valuable tips for your hobby and profession.

12.-14. August 2022
Maimarktgelände Mannheim

Benefit from the know-how of the best and get valuable tips for your hobby and profession!

With us you will find concentrated expert knowledge on every main topic. Demonstrations and exclusive riding lessons from the stars of the equestrian scene await you!



All live trainings, as well as the entire day's program on the showground, are included in the ticket price!

Live Training

How does a national trainer work? 

What is the focus of the training of the championship riders? 

How can I make lessons at the basic level meaningful and varied?

Join us and learn a little from the best in the world!



Live training and demonstrations by renowned coaches take place daily on all courses!

Fine riding on motivated horses with Uta Gräf

Fine riding, species-appropriate horse husbandry and versatile basic training - with these topics, the successful Grand Prix rider Uta Gräf has also made a name for herself away from the dressage arena. The dressage rider advocates species-appropriate husbandry and varied training. She demonstrated how she puts this into practice in everyday life at a large training evening at the premiere of EQUITANA Open Air Mannheim last year. 

On Friday, 12.08.2022, we can welcome her and Stefan Schneider with their cheerful, light way of riding and explaining. 

Ranch Riding with Ute Holm-Schäuble

Western riding is her life and her passion: Ute Holm is not only highly successful in the saddle, as a trainer she is in demand worldwide and often booked out. Regardless of the level of leadership, she wants to advance horse and rider.  As a holder of the golden riding badge of the EMU and author of books, she is one of the most successful professional western trainers for All Around horses and riders. Her key to success is her very easy to understand way of training riders and horses. 

On 12.08.2022 she will demonstrate her individual methodology on the showground.

Safe Riding with Yvonne Gutsche

She is at home in the western saddle. Her goal is that the partner underneath also feels comfortable at all times. She wants the horses to trust her at all times. She demonstrates how far the connection between man and animal goes with spectacular stunts. The basis is individual training tailored to the respective horse. She demonstrates her way to stress-free cooperation several times in the daily programme at EQUITANA Open Air Mannheim.

Positive Leadership with Dr. Vivian Gabor

Dr. Vivian Gabor holds a doctorate in equine science and conducts research in the field of horse behaviour at the University of Göttingen. In practice, she runs a training centre for horses and humans and offers cross-riding courses in work from the ground and from the saddle throughout Germany. With her behavioural training for humans and horses, she combines science and practice. Vivian Gabor has been a loyal companion of the EOAs for years and always inspires the audience. This year, too, she will be giving lessons on the large showground. Don't miss it!

Liberty Training with Kenzie Dysli

Show rider and freedom specialist Kenzie Dysli shows the highest collection and lessons of the high school with her horses. At the Equitana Open Air in Mannheim, the Swiss-born rider proved how finely she is able to dose every aid, even in rapid manoeuvres, when she completed a working equitation speed trail only on the neck ring. 

This year in Mannheim, she is imparting the decisive basics of her training philosophy to her audience.


Dressage & Liberty with Emilia Schlotterbeck

Her most important teachers are her horses. Emilia Schlotterbeck shows what they teach her and how she dances with them not only on her Instagram channel "Dancinghorses", but also in courses on various topics. It is important to her to find an individual approach for each horse-rider pair. Her basic principles are fairness, respect and consistency.

She demonstrates how she puts this into practice during a lesson in Mannheim.  

Understanding horses with Katja Schnabel

The TV format Die Pferdeporfis has made her known nationwide. The studied equine scientist and trained osteopath has set herself the task of holistic training for humans and animals. Her goal is a harmonious coexistence in which both partners learn to understand each other through subtle signals. Knowledge and respect, trust, communication and leadership are the foundations on which Katja Schnabel's concept is built. 

In Mannheim, the Brandenburger demonstrates practical exercises for fine communication.


Jumping gymnastics with Fabian Hellstern

Versatile probably describes Fabian Hellstern's training best. He feels just as much at home in the working equitation saddle as he does on bareback, working in hand or in classical dressage lessons. At show performances he sometimes rides the Hungarian Post and in the course the right distance is the measure of all things for him.

In a lesson, the master horse trainer demonstrates and explains various exercises and their gymnastic effect. He goes into the appropriate distances, shows different set-up variations and gives tips for the most effective training possible.


Horsemanship with Tanja Riedinger

Tanja is an adventurer in terms of life and work with horses. She sees new challenges as an opportunity to grow and expand her own knowledge horizon. At the age of ten, the Andalusian mare Estella came to her and from her she learned over many years to build a common language and thus to achieve goals together with joy. Tanja is currently in the final stages of her Bachelor's degree, meanwhile taking horses into training and giving on-site and online courses. Together with Arien Aguilar, she founded the project "Step One".

Together with co-trainer Bettina Rittler, she makes basic work with different horses the subject of her lessons.


Rapid manoeuvres with the Mounted Games

Courage, precision, athleticism and skill are the focus of these equestrian games - and all at top speed. The teams compete against each other in a direct comparison, similar to a relay race in athletics. At a stretched gallop, the participants must, for example, pick up or place objects, pierce a ring with a lance, jump off and on again or complete a slalom course and then send their team mate on their way. 

During the Equitana Open Air, the Mounted Games Association Germany will not only provide exciting insights into the competition, the experts will also explain in small teaching units how to get started, what prerequisites horse and rider should have and how they can develop together into a successful team.


Working Equitation - the new trend sport!

As Working Equitation is based on well and correctly trained horses that must be loose, agile, brave and responsive, Germany, although not a country of 'cattle herders', is the ideal country to promote such a beautiful sport because of its equestrian discipline and enjoyment. Every breed of horse, every age group of rider and horse, every serious, enthusiastic rider finds joy in this versatile form of competition!

In addition to the German Championships, which will once again take place in Mannheim this year, there will also be lessons on how to get started in Working Equitation for all interested spectators.


Infotainment with the IGV

Whether Paso Peruano American Saddlebred, Aegidienberger or Icelandic - they all find a home under the umbrella of the International Gaited Horse Association. The special fascination of tölt, pass and walk will be made tangible by the members during the Equitana Open Air in Mannheim. At the same time, experienced trainers will give insights into different riding styles and training methods. 

The International Gaited Horse Association (IGV) will present various breeds in Mannheim. The association's trainers explain similarities and differences between individual riding styles


Training Evening

Here, the top stars of the scene share their knowledge with the participants in a 2-hour show.

Anja Beran live: My life - classical dressage




On Friday evening we are looking forward to a versatile, exciting and varied evening full of highlights!

The training evenings, in which the top stars of the scene share their knowledge in a 2-hour show, take place in our show arena. 

Every year we welcome world stars who give us exclusive insights into their daily training routine.

On 12 August 2022, Anja Beran will explain and demonstrate the classical way of training horses under the title "My life - classical dressage".

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