Cups & Competitions

Top athletes from all disciplines compete in numerous competitions at EQUITANA in front of an international audience!

9. - 15. March 2023
Exhibition Centre Essen

Fast-paced, elegant, precise and creative - experience the diverse cups and competitions at the World Equestrian Show! 

Friday: Josera Working Equitation Cup

Saturday: Show Cup der Uelzener Versicherungen

Monday: USG Indoor Cup

Wednesday: Hrímnir Isicup

Show Cup der Uelzener Versicherungen





Saturday, 11th March 2023

In the Show Cup der Uelzener Versicherungen, the show stars of tomorrow are able to present themselves and show what they can do with their show in front of more than 3000 spectators and an expert jury! Fast-paced bareback acts, quadrilles with a twist or a pas de deux with heart - the Show Cup der Uelzener Versicherungen calls for imagination. An expert jury assesses technical execution and the artistic aspect of the performance - and the last third of the assessment belongs to the audience. Imaginative performances by two-legged and four-legged participants are rewarded with enthusiastic applause from the audience. And this is what decides the overall rating of the individual couples!

Josera Working Equitation Cup





Friday, 10th March 2023

Originated rom the traditional herding work of the cattle herders in Southern Europe to the now modern, international show sport. In competition, the four disciplines dressage, trail, speed trail and cattle work are on the programme. Riding is often done on Southern European horse breeds such as Andalusians, Lusitanos or Camargue horses, from whose home countries the sport originated.

At EQUITANA, participants in the Josera Working Equitation Cup will present excerpts from working equitation competitions with various trail obstacles judged according to dressage judging criteria. Finally, there will be the "Speed Trail": each rider must negotiate the trail course as quickly and correctly as possible. Look forward to speed, harmony, rhythm and velocity in the various sub-disciplines of this demanding sport!

Hrímnir Isicup





Wednesday, 15th March 2023

EQUITANA has always included the Icelandic horses with their very special charm, their naturalness and their unparalleled joy of movement. This year they will be taking part in the competitions for the second time! 

With the five gaits of the crowd favourites, which cover an enormous spectrum in their areas of use from children's friend to high performance athlete, they will bring EQUITANA to a spectacular close on the final day. On Wednesday, 15 March, a number of top-class Icelandic horse riders will be guests, conjuring up a competition programme in tölt, four-gait and five-gait in the large ring. 

This fast-paced Hrímnir Isicup will be held in accordance with the international rules and regulations, judged by an experienced jury and will also feature informative and rousing commentary for the audience. Be there and experience a true multi gait firework in the slow and fast tölt, the fourth gait of the Icelanders, as well as in the basic gaits trot, walk and canter ... and of course in the fifth gait, the flying race pass!

USG Indoor Cup





Monday, 13th March 2023

Here the big ring turns into a cross-country course!

Whether for the set-up team or for the riders - it gets sporty in the big ring! For the USG Indoor Cup, we will once again bring a real outdoor feeling into the exhibition hall. With hedges, tree trunks, narrow corners and owl holes, the living room of EQUITANA will become a cross-country course! Experience an exciting indoor cross-country class L with many well-known riders from the national and international eventing sport.


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