Cups & Competitions

The Cups at EQUITANA Open Air: Look forward to a colourful programme of versatile breeds and the show stars of tomorrow!

12.-14. August 2022
Maimarktgelände Mannheim

Together with our partner associations, we organise a wide range of cups and competitions throughout the day. Whether it's the Baroque or the Show Cup, every horse fan will get their money's worth here.

Fast-paced, elegant, precise and creative - this is how you will experience the diverse cups and competitions at EQUITANA Open Air! 


Katina Show Cup





Sunday, 14.08.2022

Fast-paced bareback acts, quadrilles with a twist or a pas de deux with heart - the Katina Show Cup calls for imagination. Imaginative performances by two-legged and four-legged riders are rewarded with enthusiastic applause by the spectators at EQUITANA Open Air on the Maimarkt grounds in Mannheim. And this is what decides the overall evaluation of the individual pairs. The winners receive a golden ribbon and at the same time qualify for another appearance at EQUITANA 2023 in Essen. All breeds are admitted, but the number of horses per show is limited to twelve. The entire choreography should move within four minutes and playing with fire is prohibited for safety reasons. Apart from that, however, almost everything is allowed. 


Baroque Horses Cup





Saturday, 13.08.2022

Light-footed and full of grace they move through the arena: Andalusians and Friesians, Lusitanos and Lipizzaners. At the Baroque Horse Cup they transform the arena into a ballroom. With elaborate braided hairstyles, they dance through the arena to the sound of castanets or opulent rhythms. Their partners in the saddle shine with gold-embroidered costumes or traditional costumes. The participants can design the choreography of their freestyle of maximum 5 minutes themselves, but they have to follow the compulsory lessons of the respective class. The pairs compete in an M or S dressage in Mannheim. 

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