Volunteer program

Become a part of EQUITANA! 

7. – 13. April 2022
Exhibition Centre Essen

Become a part of EQUITANA 2022!

This year we would again like to offer you the opportunity to become a part of the EQUITANA family as a volunteer. Take a look behind the scenes of the World Equestrian Fair and join us in creating a unique fair for all horse lovers. 

Knowledge in the organisation of events, especially equestrian events, and experience with horses are of course helpful, but not absolutely necessary. The main thing is that you are reliable, motivated, get stuck in when it counts and simply enjoy what you do!


Applications are closed!

The following positions are available:

Around the horse

  • During the day: contact person for a "small ring" 
    • Coordination & adherence to programme times, music system supervision, management of headsets & microphones, gate supervision in hall 6
    • 7 Positions
  • During the day during the running time: contact person at the show office counter
    • Answering questions from participants with horses
    • 1 Position
  • In the afternoon, from 5.04.2022: Support of our stable team  
    • Assignment of stalls, control of stall assignment, distribution of straw, if necessary mucking out when changing stalls
    • 2 Positions
  • in the afternoon, from 5.04.2022: support of the feed distribution team  
    • 2 Positions


Press-Service / Photographer

  • During the day, during the term: Support of our press office  
    • 2 Positions
  • During the day during the term: support of our social media manager  
    • Incl. support of the YouTuber meetings and the Webstar Convention
    • 1 Position
  • In the mornings during the runtime: photographing the exhibitor stands and other defined areas for documentation purposes 
    • Photography experience is a must-have
    • 1 Position



  • During the day: staffing the visitor information desk in the entrance areas of the fair  
    • 3 Positions



  • In the evening: Guest service in the VIP grandstand during the evening shows   (7. – 12.04.2022) 
    • Seat allocation, contact person for questions
    • 2 Positions


Due to the special requirements resulting from the Corona pandemic, this year we are only looking for volunteers who can do the whole term (7 - 13 April 2022).

In the stable and feed team your assignment would already start on Tuesday, 5 April 2022.

In the Guest of Honour Service, Wednesday 13 April 2022 will be cancelled and there will be no evening show on the last day of the fair.

We try to fill each position with 2 people (except for the Guest of Honour service in the evening), so that you have enough time to take a break, explore the fair, watch the programme and go shopping.

You will receive a team outfit (jumper) and will of course be provided with drinks and food on site. 


Unfortunately, we cannot provide accommodation. You will have to take care of that yourself. You can look for hotels near the fair here.

Currently, we assume that the event will take place under the 2G+ rule in the course of the Corona pandemic. This means that attending the event or volunteering is only possible if you have been vaccinated. If you have not yet been boostered, you will probably have to take an additional test.

Please inform yourself about the current requirements (e.g. how long is the recovered status valid if it concerns you / current validity of your booster vaccination depending on the vaccine / etc.).

Everyone entering the fairgrounds must comply with the Corona requirements and show their vaccination status each time they enter. Staff will be given an up to date wristband for each day to facilitate this. On Day 1, the check will take place upon entry to the grounds. Afterwards, we will check it in the fair management and issue the wristband for the next day respectively.

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