Live Training

Live Training 2017

Live Training EQUITANA 2017

Tips and tricks from the real experts

How does a national trainer work? 
What are the main focuses when training championship riders? 
How can I make my training at grass-roots level more meaningful and varied?

Christoph Hess, Ludger Beerbaum, Ingrid Klimke, Uta Gräf and many others will all be at the EQUITANA to answer your questions.
Come along and learn from some of the best trainers in the world.

Live Training with Isabell Werth

Isabell Werth is the most successful dressage rider in the world. No other equestrian has performed at such a high level for more than twenty five years like Isabell has. We look forward once again to seeing her give an exclusive coaching session, powered by FENDT, in Hall 6 on Sunday, 19th March 2017


Live Training with Ludger Beerbaum

Ludger Beerbaum, German showjumping legend, will be appearing at EQUITANA 2017. We look forward to enjoying a fascinating coaching session with Ludger Beerbaum presented by LUDGERS P in the main arena in Hall 6 on Wednesday, 22nd March 2017.


Live Training with Andreas Ostholt

On Wednesday, 22nd March top eventing rider Andreas Ostholt will be holding an exclusive coaching session presented by USG and providing valuable tips for your daily training. Andreas is one of the world’s leading championship riders, a member of the German A squad who can look back on a whole string of top placings. 


Live Training with Christian Ahlmann

Christian Ahlmann, currently 2nd in the world ranking for show jumpers, has been a member of the Championat team for many years and i. e. won an Olympic bronze medal in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.  We look forward to seeing a fascinating show jumping class with Christian Ahlmann, presented by LEOVET, in Hall 6 on Monday, 20th March 2017 on our training day.


Live Training with Uta Gräf

Topics close to Uta Gräf’s heart, such as the path to more effortless riding, keeping horses in a natural environment and broad-based schooling for young horses, have meant that her fame has spread far beyond the dressage ring. We cordially invite you to attend Uta’s coaching session, presented by LEXA Pferdefutter, in Hall 6 on Monday 20th March 2017 where you can gain insights into Uta’s relaxed and positive approach to riding. 


Live Training with Nicole Uphoff-Selke

Nicole Uphoff-Selke has been working since a few years now as a talent spotter among the young generation of German dressage riders as part of the Nicole Uphoff Nachwuchschampionat Dressur programme, powered by EQUIVA. At EQUITANA 2017 she will be presenting an exclusive coaching session with six of the young dressage talents she is training.


Live Training with Martin Plewa

The guiding principle behind the teachings of riding master Martin Plewa is that correct riding always takes into account the character of the horse. The former eventing national coach and long time director of the Westphalian Riding and Driving Academy in Münster shows his teaching philosophy in a fascinating class in Hall 6 and presented by STÜBBEN.