Evening and gala shows

EQUITANA 2017: Show-Tickets

Tickets for the HOP TOP Show "Passepartout", Pavo HENGSTE 2017, Ingrid Klimke live presented by SAP , Pat Parelli live and BLEYER Volti-Magic.


Nicole Uphoff-Selke

Live Training with Nicole Uphoff- Selke EQUITANA 2017

Nicole Uphoff-Selke has been working since a few years now as a talent spotter among the young generation of German dressage riders as part of the Nicole Uphoff Nachwuchschampionat Dressur programme, powered by EQUIVA. She will be presenting an exclusive coaching session with six of the young dressage talents she is training.


BÖCKMANN Reining-Cup

BÖCKMANN Reining-Cup - Be inspired by amazing stops, spins and rollbacks at the highest level in Hall 6.

If it's Thursday, then it must be Western Day at EQUITANA where we look forward to seeing the top stars of the German reining scene in the BÖCKMANN Reining Cup at Thursday, 23rd March 2017. Be inspired by amazing stops, spins and rollbacks at the highest level in Hall 6.




The world-famous horsemanship trainer Pat Parelli will once again be presenting a 2-hour evening show at EQUITANA 2017 Experience the Parelli method live and learn how to show your horse the way to greater confidence, trust and willingness to perform. 

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EQUITANA Education

EQUITANA Education: 9 days, 9 experts

EQUITANA Education: 9 days, 9 experts! Daytime coaching sessions with 9 famous experts and trainers at hall 1 A with Uta Gräf, Kenzie Dysli, Ute Holm, Peter Kreinberg and others not only to watch, but as well to join in!

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Speed, elegance, precision and creativity - don't miss the action at all the different cup competitions at the world's leading equestrian exhibition! 


What, where, when?

EQUITANA 2017: What, where, when?

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Latest exhibitors information

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