EQUITANA Ticket Special Weihnachten

Jetzt Ihre Lieblings-Show zum Weihnachtspreis sichern! Bei unserem Weihnachts-Special können Sie Tickets der Kat. I für alle unsere Shows zum reduzierten Preis buchen! Erleben Sie die HOP TOP Show, HENGSTE, Ingrid Klimke live presented by SAP oder Volti-Magic auf den besten Plätzen zum Spartarif! Achtung, nur solange der Vorrat reicht!

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Ludger Beerbaum

Live Training with Ludger Beerbaum EQUITANA 2017

Ludger Beerbaum, a German show-junping legend, has won so far 5 Olympic medals and countless other national and international championship titles. We look forward to enjoying a fascinating coaching session with Ludger Beerbaum in Hall 6 on Wednesday, 22nd March 2017.

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EQUITANA Education

EQUITANA Education: 9 days, 9 experts

EQUITANA Education: 9 days, 9 experts! Daytime coaching sessions with 9 famous experts and trainers at hall 1 A with Uta Gräf, Kenzie Dysli, Ute Holm, Peter Kreinberg and others not only to watch, but as well to join in!

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KATINA Showcup 2017

KATINA Showcup 2017

THE opportunity for newcomers to break the world of equestrian show business! NEW: for the first time the public can decide by an online voting who will  be able to perform at 19th March in hall 6! 




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Innovation Award 2017

EQUITANA Innovationspreis 2017

EQUITANA Innovation Award 2017: register now until 9th January 2017! Wanted: The best, newest and most advanced products and concepts for the European equestrian sports market may now be submitted to compete for the EQUITANA Innovation Award. 

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The world’s largest trade fair in equestrian sports is headed back to North America.

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EQUITANA 2017: Online Service Center

Our Online Service Center is online now! You can book additional services for your presentation at EQUITANA 2017 here, i. e. electrical devices, security services, hotesses etc. 

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