Learning from professionals: Training evenings with Ingrid Klimke and Bernd Hackl

For its 50th birthday, Equitana is writing new stories and continuing successful traditions. With Olympic eventing champion Ingrid Klimke and equestrian professional Bernd Hackl, two prominent trainers will be passing on their knowledge in feature length.

Olympic Champion, World and European Champion - Ingrid Klimke has set standards in the eventing saddle. With Franziskus she has also piaffed into the top league internationally in the dressage arena. She is an exceptional athlete and at the same time a sought-after trainer with the honorary title of riding master. She has learned a lot from her father and role model, Reiner Klimke, but has long since found her own way to success. She will give insights into her horse-friendly training philosophy according to classical principles at an exclusive training evening on Monday, 11 April 2022 at 8:00 pm.

Dressage youngsters on their way to Grand Prix success

Together with her team, she will show the versatile training and the development from a young horse to a mature Grand Prix athlete. Fair ambassador Equitanas Firlefranz is well on his way there. "He has developed tremendously well and has many beautiful highlights that are only now really coming to the fore," says Ingrid Klimke about the promising dressage youngster. She had presented his first steps under the saddle to the audience at her first training evening in 2017. With many different horses and a mixture of lesson and show, Ingrid Klimke wants to inspire the audience again.

Confidence training with Bernd Hackl

He is the man for difficult cases. Horse professional Bernd Hackl intervenes when there is a serious crisis in the relationship between rider and horse. In a team with his ponyhorse Fips, he makes sure that both understand each other better and build up a relationship. His most important principle is that "trust is not a one-way street". The experienced trainer and horsemanship expert will demonstrate how he manages to ensure that one can rely on the other and that both go in the same direction together in future at an exclusive training evening on Thursday, 7 April 2022 at 8:00 p.m. in the large ring at Equitana.

Partnership between humans and animals

With various horses and supported by his team, he will show how problems can be solved with calmness and patience. He explains why he wants the basic training of every horse to be that it can be ridden, stopped, reversed and turned at the halter and rope in all basic gaits. He gives tips on stress-free loading and makes visible what partnership between man and animal means to him.

Tickets for the training evenings on Thursday, 7 April and Monday, 11 April, both at 8:00 pm, are available from 33 euros at the Equitana ticket shop..