Registration rules

On this website you can apply for a press ticket for EQUITANA 2017. For each medium accreditation is limited to three persons (editors/photographer).
Please note our accreditation rules.

Who can receive a registration?

Press registration for EQUITANA is granted only to journalists and photographers, who

  • visit the trade show for editorial reporting and can proof a relation to subjects of equestrian sports  
  • work on behalf of magazines established in the equestrian sports industry

Who is excluded from accreditation?

  • People who cannot prove a relation to equestrian sports journalism
  • Photographers without any journalistic / editorial reference
  • Staff from press, marketing, and advertising departments of publishers and companies
  • Accompanying persons

How can editorial purpose be proved?

The following will be accepted as evidence:

  • Articles provable written by applicant, which published no earlier than six months prior to the event in question
  • Company imprint, which proves the applicant as editor or staff
  • Original copy of an editorial job assignment for an editorial office related to EQUITANA.
  • Web link to an online publication established in the equestrian sports industry

There is no entitlement to accreditation.

The organiser Reed Exhibitions Germany reserves the right to ask for journalistic evidences related to equestrian sports, even if applicant was able to prove a journalistic purpose by press ID.

What does the press accreditation entitle to?

Journalists who registered receive a press ticket for EQUITANA. Accreditation is not valid for the special events HOP TOP Show, STALLIONS 2017, INGRID KLIMKE live etc. For these, accreditation occurs only on invitation by the organiser Reed Exhibitions Germany.

Which rules apply on photographers?

  • Taking pictures is permitted for editorial purpose only
  • Any commercial exploitation beyond journalistic reporting is excluded.
  • The material must not be used to illustrate or advertise competing events, shows and other equestrian sports events.
  • The photographer must ensure that the privacy rights of private individuals are not violated.

Which rules apply on TV / filming teams

  • EQUITANA allows filming for editorial coverage purposes only.
  • Broadcasting recordings is subject to time limits of 10 minutes / events