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The HOP TOP Show has been the stars’ finest hour since 1999.

The HOP TOP Show has been a regular feature of EQUITANA for several decades now and is an absolute must for all horse-lovers. Every two years, the greatest horse show on earth presents the very best international top performers of the equestrian show scene in the most spectacular performances.
Be entranced by bold riders and their noble steeds to the accompaniment of the most amazing lighting effects. With its captivating background music, the HOP TOP Show demonstrates the rich diversity of the equestrian world in an unprecedented collage of images. Incredible liberty dressage and audacious stunts accompany you on a unique journey. Here is a list of all the shows since 1999.



HOP TOP Show Fabuloso 2011

The HOP TOP Show 2011

Fabuloso – horses have always been the stuff of sagas, myths and legends, whether we are talking about Pegasus, the famous centaur, shrouded in legend, half-human half-horse, or Genghis Khan and his mighty army on horseback, for example. The repertoire of traditions and legends from the mists of time is seemingly endless. HOP TOP SHOW Fabuloso retells the best stories from the last 4000 years, tales of fabulous beasts and their legendary riders.

HOP TOP Show Viamondo 2009

The HOP TOP SHOW 2009 - "Viamondo"

“Viamondo” – a journey around the globe. Discover the mysterious powers of nature and the diversity of life in a unique way, to the accompaniment of wonderful horses.
Join us on a journey that will take you all the way from the creation to the miracles of nature and beauty that make up our blue planet today.

HOP TOP Show Cavaluna 2007

The HOP TOP SHOW 2007 - "Cavaluna"

The HOP TOP SHOW “Cavaluna” set new standards with its inspired idea of transporting the world of horses to the moon, stars and planets. Impressive acts, perfect equestrian skills set against an unusual backdrop enchanted more than 20,000 visitors over four evenings and were greeted by enthusiastic applause.

HOP TOP Show Viamondo 2005

The HOP TOP SHOW 2005 - "Moments & Miracles"

Horses from other worlds, snapshots and the miracle of life - we whisked you away on a thrilling excursion through a realm of emotions where you encountered new acts, unique liberty performances, spine-tingling stunts and impeccable dressage, all presented by international stars. “Moments & Miracles” meant experiencing the most magnificent horses in the most magical of settings, which in turn reflected the big emotions in life – another HOP TOP Show that set a brand new benchmark in equine entertainment.

HOP TOP Show Rhythmen der Nacht 2003

The HOP TOP SHOW 2003 - "Rhythms of the Night"

In 2003 the Hop Top musical “Rhythms of the Night” focussed on conflict – the struggle between tradition and modernity, light and dark, and good and evil. Mystic fantasy scenes alternated with pulsing fireworks. Traditional quadrilles, elements of the haute école, Spanish garrochas and classical dressage were replaced by “hot wheels”, astonishing stunts and the most amazing liberty dressage. Special effects and acts expressly created for EQUITANA held visitors spellbound for two hours – and, as the finale showed, apparently conflicting positions can co-exist alongside one another in perfect harmony – in spectacular and incredible fashion.

HOP TOP Show Le Prince 2001

The HOP TOP SHOW 2001 - "Le Prince"

Back in 2001 it was EQUITANA’s version of the equestrian musical “Le Prince” which thrilled audiences. The story of a Bourbon prince reborn as a horse after his death provided an unforgettable evening for visitors. Not least, the liberty dressage of French brothers Jean François and Frédéric Pignon, the breathtakingly beautiful mirror pas-de-deux of Magali and Estelle Delgado, the evocative hunting scene featuring the Tjosters and the Warendorf foxhounds, Lorenzo’s Roman riding and much more besides. While the marvellous music and lighting effects rounded off an unforgettable show.


HOP TOP Show Zeitreise 1999

The HOP TOP SHOW 1999 - "Time Travel"

1999 was the year in which the Hop Top Show first told a continuous story: the story of how the unique relationship between horses and humans has developed over the millennia. Whether we are talking about Native Americans or Spanish monks and their horses, Klaus Balkenhol, or the quadrille of the German State Studs demonstrating classical dressage, or horses being driven or ridden - the 1999 Hop Top Show seemed to eclipse everything that had gone before. “Time Travel” celebrated a successful comeback in 2004 as part of the BEA/Pferd exhibition (Bern, Switzerland).

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