Iberian and Baroque Riding

Equestrian fair EQUITANA Germany

...in Hall 2 and 6

Spanish step, accompanied by Flamenco? For many this is the epitome of Iberian riding. Its popularity is forever growing. Baroque horse breeds - particularly Spanish and Portuguese - are flourishing.

Centre of Iberian riding and Baroque Horse Day

In Hall 2, the centre of Iberian riding at EQUITANA, baroque breeds can be admired in daily public performances.

Renowned trainers from the countries of origin of the Iberian riding style, Spain and Portugal, will be demonstrating the most important features of Doma Vaquera and Doma Classica.

EQUITANA Baroque Horse Day Saturday in Hall 6
Here the special breeds can demonstrate their prowess: a natural talent for gathering and lessons of the Haute École.

Iberian Riding in Hall 2 and 6