“Passepartout” – the new HOP TOP Show at EQUITANA 2017

12 December 2016
„Passepartout” – the new HOP TOP Show at EQUITANA 2017: Vorverkauf startet |

Childhood, our first love, the most beautiful journey of our life – it’s the stuff of stories, encounters and experiences that will be remembered. Akin to a picture frame of life, “Passepartout”, the new HOP TOP Show at EQUITANA, tells these stories. The show highlight at every EQUITANA, the gala guarantees unforgettable images every two years. The new “Passepartout” production in March will once again bring together the best of the international scene – for just four performances, which is what makes the HOP TOP Show so unique.

“Passepartout” promises a rousing spectacle of equestrian class, breathtaking stunts and the poetic interplay of horse and human. Starting on 18 March, “Passepartout” will portray their trusting and intense relationship, showing the subtlest of communication with barely visible signals and surprising visitors with new and unusual ideas. As in life, each sequence lasts only a short while, but the excitement and memories will remain.

The stars of the equestrian community gave their debut performances at EQUITANA or have been regular guests at the HOP TOP Show for years. The skills of Lorenzo, Frédéric Pignon, Santi Serra, Alizée Froment and the Brüsewitz brothers thrilled the audience at the last event, while their show acts set standards for the entire performance industry.

If you want to be there on these four exclusive evenings when the stars and newcomers raise the bar high for the next few years, you should secure tickets in a timely manner. The premiere of the HOP TOP Show will be staged on Saturday, 18 March. Three additional performances will follow on 22, 24 and 25 March. Tickets at www.hop-top-show.com or www.equitana.com.


- Photo HOP TOP SHOW 2015, Credit: Rainer Schimm (jpg, 1,7 MB)

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