“Passepartout” – the HOP TOP Show at EQUITANA 2017

25 January 2017
HOP TOP Show 2015, Alizée Froment |

Gala show presents the stars of the community

A holiday in Southern France: when Amicale Equestre de la Montagnette steps into EQUITANA’s large ring for the first time in the history of the HOP TOP Show – with her 30 Camargue horses, no less – she’ll take the audience on a journey to the unique landscape of the Camargue and call up memories of the most beautiful holiday they’ve ever been on. With the new HOP TOP Show “Passepartout”, EQUITANA frames life’s special moments, stories and encounters in a poetic setting. Sixteen show acts, 16 magical moments, from carefree childhood days to major journeys to unique experiences with a best friend or little sister: in “Passepartout”, top performers and actors from high-performance sports will be bringing emotional milestones alive on stage. The premiere of the horse gala – which can only be seen every other year on four evenings during the Equestrian Sports World Fair – will take place in Essen on 18 March.  

“Passepartout” cites life’s most precious moments, turning them into a lasting gallery of the most amazing memories. As always, the HOP TOP Show has attracted the stars of the community: joining Lorenzo, the Flying Frenchman who again this year will bring both his famous white Lusitano and his black up-and-comers to Essen, Alizée Froment and her Sultan will show off the subtlest of communication skills using barely visible signals. Other French participants include the amateur riding group “La Montagnette” with their impressive Camargue quadrille, Troupe Jehol with fast-paced vaulting stunts, Compagnie Zarkam with Gilles Fortier, and Gari Zoher with his golden Lusitano stallions, Guillaume Assire-Bécar and Mélie Philippot

But the French aren’t the only people who have a special bond with horses. Proving it are other top-notch “Passepartout” actors – above all Team Norka from the Vaulting Club Cologne-Dünnwald. The reigning German team champions’ lineup is filled with top stars gathered around world and European champion Patric Looser: like Working Equitation specialist Mitja Hinzpeter and Team Signum Sattelservice, the Farbenfroh foal farm and Jens Hoffrogge, who with Springcrack seems to clear all hurdles thanks to a loving, trust-based relationship.  And of course Santi Serra Camps from Spain, who already enchanted the EQUITANA audience two years ago with his playful handling of his Friesian horses.

Book tickets now

The big premiere of the HOP TOP Show will be staged on Saturday, 18 March. Three additional performances will follow on 22, 24 and 25 March. Online tickets can be purchased in EQUITANA’s ticket shop. The price of admission is €49 or €34 for discounted tickets. For the first time, “Best View” tickets will be offered at EQUITANA, reserved seats in the front rows. For complete information about the HOP TOP Show “Passepartout” and online ticket sales, go to www.hop-top-show.com or www.equitana.com




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