The Equestrian Sports Festival in Neuss and NEW in Mannheim from 2019!

The EQUITANA Open Air in Neuss manages to combine everything that makes the recreational rider’s pulse quicken: a celebration of riding as a leisure activity, a family event and a chance for horse enthusiasts from all over the place to meet up in North Rhine-Westphalia.
Over 40 000 horse enthusiasts visited this event with its unique combination of equestrian sport, information and entertainment – either as a spectator or participant in one of the countless competitions.

Variety is the name of the game!

The EQUITANA Open Air embraces the complete breadth of equestrian sports:
everybody is there, whether we are talking about Western riders, Icelandic pony enthusiasts, trail riders, pony fans, classical dressage riders, carriage drivers or true horsemen and women.
Rider and horse demonstrate their skills in several arenas. There are countless acts, breeds and styles of riding on show: colourful quadrilles, fast-paced sport, wonderful performances and informative training demonstrations. The EQUITANA Open Air has all this and more to offer.

So why not get involved!

The partner associations of the EQUITANA Open Air make it possible: see how you measure up to other riders in your region, learn more about the different disciplines and breeds. Fascinating and unusual competitions make your trip to the festival an experience you will never forget.

A shopping paradise!

Enjoy a stroll through our retail village where there are more than 200 exhibitors selling their products for horse and rider. You can buy anything from a halter to a complete stable block, from that stylish new pair of riding breeches to the latest horse trailer.

and when it gets round to evening ...

First-class entertainment is on offer free-of-charge on Saturday evening at the EQUITANA Open Air where you can enjoy a marvellous show and then party until the small hours. A highlight definitely not to be missed.

EQUITANA Open Air – The Equestrian Festival

Premiere of EQUITANA Open Air Mannheim from 5 – 7 July 2019

EQUITANA Open Air is a success story; that’s why another edition of the popular equestrian sports festival will be held going forward. Starting in 2019, EQUITANA Open Air Mannheim will join the event in Neuss. Visitors making their way to Mannheim’s Maimarktgelände event centre will enjoy the trusted combination of exhibition and sport with numerous open-air competitions, entertainment and shopping opportunities. The event will alternate between Neuss and Mannheim each year. “In Mannheim, the event will take place in the heart of a powerful riding region. Anyone who rides knows the EQUITANA brand and what it stands for: top-notch events, successful business deals and networking in the equestrian industry”, says Hans-Joachim Erbel, CEO of organiser Reed Exhibitions Deutschland.


EQUITANA Open Air Trailer