EQUITANA Education

Information und Weiterbildung bei EQUITANA Education

Lower floor, Halle 1 A

EQUITANA Education - 9 days, 9 trainers!

Every day at EQUITANA, leading experts and instructors will be holding one-day seminars on their particular speciality for students in Hall 1A.

Watch and join in! 

You can apply to participate in many of our seminar days with your horse and work directly on site on your problems together with our experts. 

Top Tips every day!

Each day another expert, each day another focus - for every riding style and every problem you will find a solution here. 

More information about the trainers taking part in EQUITANA Education 2019 will be available here from december 2018. 

How to reach the lower floor to hall 1 A

EQUITANA: Zugang zur Halle 1A Kompetenzzentrum “pferdegerecht”

You can access Hall 1A via the foyer of the southern entrance (escalator), via the stairwells between Halls 1 and 2 or via a further escalator located between Halls 2 and 3.