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Atcom Horse GmbH (2017)

Riedweg 12

87757 Kirchheim,

Germany, Bavaria


+49 8266 8696 51


+49 8266 8696 61





Company presentation

Since 1993 Atcom Horse GmbH is selling special supplements for horses. All this has started with the import of an American feeding stuff which provides hoof problems.

Because of the European soil conditions and the special forces of the European feed stuff law 1998 Atcom Horse authorized the well-respected producer of animal feed Xaver Scheule GmbH, Kirchheim, Germany (this producer is ISO- and QS certified) with the development of a special feed stuff for horses with hoof problems based on the most actual information of horse nutrition.

At the “EUROCHEVAL” in 1998 the product Atcom HUF-VITAL® was introduced for the first time.

The Atcom HUF-VITAL® is the only product which can be used as a solution and prevention of hoof problems as well as a high quality feed with vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids. Products of competitors mostly contain less of these important essential nutrients or only certain amounts (for example selenium).

Over the years other products were complemented: Atcom REHE-VITAL, ALLERGO-VITAL, NUTRI-VITAL, CHAMPION-VITAL, Sanabol, JUNIOR-VITAL, SENIOR-VITAL and PROVIDO-VITAL.

Today the products are sold in many European countries and even in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

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