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ASground GmbH (2017)

Weinbergstraße 17

91472 Ipsheim,

Germany, Bavaria


+49 9846 9769792


+49 9846 9769794





Company presentation

The innovation: A riding surface made from carpet flakes.

Bodo Klopsch offers the perfect alternative and allows you to use the outdoor riding arena all year round: With a riding surface made of environmentally compatible synthetics (more precisely: polypropylene): ASground - the „All Season Riding Ground“. Worry-free riding on the all-weather riding arena throughout the year.


Once an ASground® has been built up properly it requires hardly any maintenance. Thanks to the intertwined fibers ASground® keeps its shape like a carpet – no need for the everyday grading and watering procedures a sand arena requires. This saves not only money on the equipment you don’t have to buy, but also saves a lot of time.

The all-weather riding arena of fleece chaff also has advantages in summer

ASground has the function of a reservoir. It absorbs natural moisture and stores it in long dry periods. Disposing of horse droppings is recommended by an average use of the fleece chaff all-weather riding arena (up to 10 horses / day), but actually not really necessary.
The microorganisms which live in the aerobic, oxygen-containing structure ensure that the natural apples are decomposed.

It does not only make less work, it also does not have to be renewed.

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